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MAD TKI-068 Mio Hinata Jav movie Slave Volunteer's First Detained Play

Release Date: Jan 01, 1970

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เย็ด In order to know the new pleasure, "Hinata Mio" visited a room. Collar swearing loyalty to the landlord and handcuffs to abandon resistance. We will accept inconvenience like nature and devote ourselves to a feverish body. Whenever you are given a stimulus to the body lifted by hemp rope, feel joyful and let love juice drip from the pubic area. Whatever violent fiddling or painful excessive acts will be given, I will make my heart pleasantly pleasant to visit. She wants an unknown pleasure to appeal to stimulus that I could not get until now ....

新たな快楽を知るために、『ひなた 澪』はとある部屋を訪れた。家主への忠誠を誓う首輪と抵抗を放棄する手錠。不自由を当然の如く受け入れ、熱くたぎる身体を捧げていく。麻縄で吊り上げられた身体に刺激を与えられる度、悦びを感じて陰部から愛液を垂らす。どれほど激しく弄ばれようが、痛みを伴う過度な行為を与えられようが、これから訪れる快楽に胸を高鳴らせる。未知なる快楽を欲する彼女は、今まで得ることの出来なかった刺激を懇願していく…。